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Event Questions?

Is the main cEDH event proxy friendly? 

Yes it is! 
We have some small requirements to this, proxies must:
- Be full color
- Represent a real card

- Contain original title, and mana pips

- Not be distinguishable from the outside of a sleeve from any other card in the deck. 

Will there be venders on-site to buy and sell cards to? 

Yes there will be! 
More info on who soon.

Is there a door fee to get into the event?

There is a $10 fee to gain entry into the event venue. 
This cost is distributed to a number of attractions at the event such as door prizes, artists, special guests and more. 

Will there be artists on-site to sign and buy merch from?

Yes there will be artists!

More info on who soon. 

cEDH Main Event

Get crowned 2024's cEDH Greatest of ALL TIME (G.O.A.T.)


Largest cEDH prize pool in history

Were giving $20,000 in prizes among cash and cards.

$14,000 in cash prizes

$6000 in cards

Notoriety of the crowned G.O.A.T.

Build memories that last. 

Enjoy the day as a MAIN EVENT guest and show off your skill and favorite deck build. Meet players and build connections that last a lifetime!

Sharpen your skills against the best of the best.

Proxy friendly means that this event is about player skill and not player budget. 

Join in and play against the best of the best in the cEDH scene.

Command Tower Software

Our event will be run using the best software out, Command Tower. 
With this, we will have digital deck lists, digital round parings, digital standings and more!