LotusCon 2024 Features

Be part of the largest prize pool in cEDH history, win the event and be crowned the Greatest of All Time (G.O.A.T.). 

Key Highlights: 

$99 Entry

Proxy Friendly

$20k in Prizes

Command Tower Software

Digital Deck Lists

3rd Year Event

Command Tower & Topdeck.gg

Command Tower is the trusted event software made to handle large scale events paired with Topdeck.GG for deck lists. 

Keep in the know while playing with digital pairings, standings and more.

Rounds Info

Rounds will be: 
80 Minute Rounds

No Turns

No 3 or 5 Man Pods (byes will be awarded)

We will CUT TO TOP 40

Proxy Info

Proxies ARE allowed for this event. 
Proxies must follow these rules:

-- Full Color

-- Original MTG art

-- Must not be distinguishable from the outside of a sleeve as a proxy amongst other cards 
-- Contain original title and mana pips and text box